“If you need me, I’ll be in Wisconsin,” sings Sean Burns, but he's just as likely to be found in Calgary or Ottawa or out to Tofino.Touring relentlessly from one end of Canada to the other, Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter Sean Burns taps into the bittersweet spirit of the road and then spins it his way with a blend of electric and acoustic guitars and a soulful harmonica. 
Cold Beans and Broken Eggs will resonate with fans of Canadiana, Americana, Folk, Country and Blues alike. The songs, which hint at such influences as Steve Earle and Johnny Cash, capture the grittiness of the road in the stark, down-to-earth style of an authentic storyteller. 
Like his earlier releases, A Glimpse Through Storyboards & Situations (2010) and The Other Side of 25 (2008), Sean Burns’ third album is an independent release full of stories of “Rock N’ Roll Nights & Honky Tonk Days” where “last night’s faith is Sunday morning’s breakdown.” As the title suggests, Cold Beans & Broken Eggs evokes images of the itinerant life, with songs not just about musicians but also truckers and cowboys, cab drivers and ball players. 
Here are excerpts from some reviews for Cold Beans & Broken Eggs:  

“Sean Burns is a hugely talented Canadian singer songwriter who plays a brand of country music from way out on the left of the mainstream. [Cold Beans and Broken Eggs] has a lovely edgy feel… A great album that I suspect I’ll be playing for a very long time!”americanrootsuk.com

“One of the ways that I know I REALLY like an album is if the songs or images from the song stay in my head after the music stops playing. Well that's the way it is with this album.” Ed Karn, nodepression.com

Stay tuned for info on Sean's upcoming release, Rocket Ships and Lemon Trees 
A 6 song EP, recorded as a Duo with Winnipeg Guitar player Kristopher Ulrich. 
There will be a release show in Winnipeg March 28th, followed by a few weeks on the road through the United States!

Sneak Peak Here! - https://soundcloud.com/seanburns83/anymore